Posted by: slartibartifast | April 12, 2008


     Cosmologists (people who can make a statement about the universe and then fill a page with math expressions and show it to you and say “See?”) currently think that 95% of the mass of the universe is made of stuff we can’t detect- 72% Dark Energy and 23% Dark Matter. So, everything we can see/detect makes up only 5% of the universe. <Read more here

     Current estimates for how many galaxies exist in the universe vary from 40-600 billion, with an educated guess being about 127 billion. Each of those galaxies contain between 40-500 billion stars, many of which might have planets around them, like our solar system.

     Somewhere in the local region of our galaxy, the Milky Way, about 6-10 billion years ago a large star exploded in a supernova and created the elements that would coalesce into our solar system. This coalescence took 100 million years and formed our Sun about 4.6 billion years ago. Then the planets, including the Earth, formed around it.

     Over the 3-3.5 billion years that life has been evolving on Earth eventually the elements from that supernova explosion arranged itself into the brain of a person, or small group of people, who had the creativity and coordination to write and perform music.

     They are the culmination of 13.73 billion years of accidental combinations and re-combinations and re-re-combinations that have allowed them to understand rhythm, harmony, melody, timing, and composition and be able to construct and play instruments which turn those songs into musical sounds which flow from my iPod through my Grado SR60 headphones into my brain while sitting on my deck smoking a cigar.

     And this…to me…is a miracle.



  1. Hey! I like your picture!!!
    Good article, too, incidentally.

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