Posted by: slartibartifast | August 5, 2008

Gramps’ Intruder

    In San Diego I knew several law enforcement officers and one of them responded to a late-night call one time that says a lot about shotguns.

    Some local gun dealer had convinced an 80+ year old man to get himself a pump 12-gauge and buy some 00 buck magnum loads for it. When my friend got the call the dispatcher said “man injured during  a burglary attempt.” Well, he got there and the guy was injured alright, but by the shotgun, not a burglar.

    The guy “heard something” late at night and grabbed his new toy and went to investigate. When he got to the kitchen area he was startled by “the burglar” and lifted the scattergun and let one fly. It knocked him on his ass, after breaking his shoulder. When my friend arrived and assessed the damage he was trying not to laugh at the poor old geezer.

    The kitchen was a shambles. There were 00 buckshot holes (9 .30 caliber pellets, as I remember) in the ruined refrigerator, ruined countertop, ruined toaster, ruined wall, and what was left of the owner’s cat- aka “the burglar.” 

    As the old adage goes, “Know your target BEFORE pulling the trigger.” Gramps had a little too much gun for the job. Just ask Mr. Jingles…oops, too late!

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