Posted by: slartibartifast | November 5, 2008

President Barack Obama

     I’ll be damned!! He made it!! Over a year ago I wouldn’t have bet 50 cents that Barack could have actually pulled off winning the Presidency of the U.S. Not because I didn’t believe in him or that he wasn’t the right guy for the job, but because of all the forces aligned against him…good and bad.

     Not the least of which was, at that time, Hillary Clinton and the other well qualified Democratic candidates. The other forces, the bad, were tough Republican candidates and the closed minds of a significant fraction of the American population, meaning bigotry and ignorance.

     Well, I am hugely happy about the outcome and excited about the future for the first time in a L-O-N-G time!! Almost eight years, in fact.

     As for all you insane ignoramuses who believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim, or wasn’t born in the United States, or is a Socialist, or “pals around with terrorists,” or is an elitist, or is going to “Black up” America, or eats live puppies for breakfast, or whatever other profoundly stupid bullshit you’ve had passed around to you via viral e-mail messages for the last year I have this advice: smarten up or sober up, whichever applies to your case.

     Despite massive election fraud by Republican controlled voting machines and purging and caging of legally registered voters by local Republican elected state officials HE WON ANYWAY!!

     If the election was completely fair in every precinct in America the margin of victory would have been even more crushing!

     If this doesn’t drive a stake through the heart of the miserably failed policies and ideologies of the past 25 years of Republican rule, not governing, but RULE, by a mandate from the majority of American voters, then I don’t know what does.

     If you are blind angry, or scared shitless, or even just uneasy about the result of this election, then get over it. Pull that big stick out of your butt and relax. Try and forget all the lies you’ve been fed by the Republican Fear Drumbeat of the campaign season and use your head, if you can.

     That’s one thing I like about Democrats- after you calm down and become reasonable again we will take you into our clan, NOT drive you out and try to isolate you from the process of government and citizenship.

     Give President Obama (damn, I like the sound of that) a chance to put out the flaming bag of shit that the Bush Administration hands over to him in January and I think you’ll be surprised how well things can run again.

     We all won tonight!



  1. Go ahead and pat yourself in the back. Americans today show decency is not lost. Celebrate and then settle down and work with your new president.

    A Malaysian says:

  2. Amen! People really do want hope over fear!

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