Posted by: slartibartifast | January 22, 2009

Another Day

It’s the end of another day. Another day when you …

…just got by.

…knew that you made someone feel bad by not saying something.

…kissed the boss’s ass rather than doing the right thing, thereby perpetuating not only a false sense of achievement in the boss, but also distrust of you in your coworkers.

…unfairly criticized someone just to make yourself feel more important than them.

…made a joke about someone that people around you feel made you look smaller.

…were a jerk to another driver while in your car.

…faced a situation whether to make a positive or negative comment about a coworker to a higher authority and chose the negative.

…ignored someone because you think “they’re not up to your standards.”

…chuckled to yourself upon hearing of someone else’s misfortune.

…took unfair advantage of a personal relationship with the boss to hurt a coworker professionally.

…gave someone an impossible task just to watch them fail at it, then enjoyed it.

…changed your subordinates whole focus and direction without “bothering” to get any input from them, thereby maximizing confusion and discontent.

…half-assed a job because you think no one will know the difference.

…threatened a subordinate with termination over a misunderstanding or mistake that you made.

…”got even with someone” for some past, half-forgotten transgression.

…only listened to your own opinions and those of your regular power-lunch crowd.

…made a snide remark to others about  a coworker’s personal life.

…left a dangerous situation for someone else to remedy because “it’s not your responsibility” to fix.

…stole someone else’s ideas and work, passed it off as your own, and gave nobody else any credit.

…lied about a coworker just to get them in trouble.

…threw away a phone message you took for someone else rather than give them a positive opportunity.

…criticize in public and praise in private.

…think that everything around you would run just fine if those “other idiots would stop screwing everything up.”

     If you want to create misery and stress for yourself and everyone around you, then do some, or all, of the above every day. If you want to be a better person, then be one. It’s your choice. Tomorrow is another day.



  1. Great post. Great message.

  2. Thanks for reading my post and commenting Andra Marie.

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