Posted by: slartibartifast | May 15, 2009

Long ago, far away

     Here are the only two photos that survive from my days in the Air Force, when I was a Medic.  I took these at about 4 am in, probably, October or November of 1972.  This is the old Dispensary at Peterson Field, now Peterson AFB, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It was torn down long ago when the medical services moved to a new Dispensary in late 1972.


     This shot is of the front entryway, open 24/7. Does this look like somewhere you’d walk into to get a traumatic laceration or head wound looked at at 4 am? It seems like the Stone Age to me now.


     The other shot is of the ambulance area out back. On the far left is the “good” ambulance, a Cadillac. To its right is the “old” one, a Pontiac. Then a flightline medical admin Dodge pickup. Then the two Crackerboxes, both Dodge Powerwagons.


     I used to hate the goddamned Crackerboxes. NO insulation in them AT ALL. They were f**king freezers when we had to sit in them out on the flightline for an emergency landing or exercise. The only thing I liked ‘em for was that they ALWAYS started and took us over to the chowhall for early breakfast.


     I seem to recall they started serving at 4 am. That was the ONE thing I liked during this period of shitty shift work- early breakfast. It was a GREAT chowhall and the cooks knew that we were the ones who might save their ass sometime and they made the docs and Medics a special custom breakfast that ANY farmer in the U.S. would be envious of.


     Seems like it happened to somebody else now.


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