Posted by: slartibartifast | August 5, 2009

This is NOT democracy

The orchestrated disruptions at congressional town hall meetings lately really make me sick. It’s one thing if people of both major parties and independents want to ask questions and be heard by their lawmakers, but this health insurance lobbyist funded and organized ploy is the opposite of democracy:

These are the identical tactics used by Ernst Röhm and his Brownshirts in the Germany of the late 1920s. Only now Dick Armey (I secretly love it that his name makes its own joke in this circumstance) is leading the thugs to disrupt one of the few opportunities we have to interact with congressmen and women at town halls. Shameful.

I hope that even half reasonable people will see this blatant sham of grassroots uprising for the stupid corporate-paid-for BS it is.

The health insurance industry and their lobbyists are currenttly spending $1.4 million A DAY to prevent anybody from rocking their boat! Do you think that this money, which was taken from policy holders, some of whom were denied legitimate health expendatures to produce it, is being spent just for the hell of it?? They don’t want the Gravy Train they run to even slow down, much less be stopped.

If people have legitimate objections to reforming our health care system then let’s debate them fairly, NOT in rigged, bussed-in agitators packed circuses.


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