Posted by: slartibartifast | October 20, 2009

Congrats Bonehead Republicans!

An ABC/Washington Post poll, taken 10/15- 10/18/09, shows that only 20% of the 1004 adults asked self-identified themselves as Republicans.

Here- read for yourself, from one of that 20% himself (so it must be true!):

With all of your delusional fantasies clouding your brains and actions you’ve succeeded in driving away non-delusional Republicans and Independents in RECORD NUMBERS for the last 26 years! Nice job!

Here’s the link to most of the results of the poll:

Look at question #3- the “do you think things are going in the right direction” question. 44% replied “yes.” Skip down to one year ago when Alfred E. Bush got an 8% “yes” reply (the LOWEST affirmative reply in the 36 years of this poll).

So, in summary- keep up the great work with Obama’s a Muslim, Obama’s not an American citizen, Obama’s Hitler, Obama’s a Socialist/Fascist/Communist, FOX (non) News is the BEST source for information, and Rush is THE MAN. Keep on being the party of NO- NO ideas, NO cooperation, and NO integrity. Keep on trying to out-crazy each other on a daily basis. By the 2010 mid-term elections there’ll be almost nobody to vote the Republican ticket.

Thank you.

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