Posted by: slartibartifast | October 23, 2012

A vote for Romney

I want people to understand what their vote for Mitt Romney would cause if he wins the presidential election November 6th this year.
I’m not psychic, I just pay attention. Pay attention to current events, to politics, to history, and to analysis of those topics. A LOT of attention. I read/view/listen to them almost every day for the last 8 years. More than anybody else I know.
My degree and life experience is in media content and analysis. You know, stuff like propaganda.
And so I can offer an educated prediction of what I see happening with the Romney campaign and a future Romney administration based on the past and the people Romney has surrounded himself with.
Let’s face it- WHO we elect for the single office of president is only important because of the Cabinet members they appoint and the staff they have around them. The President is largely a figurehead who only loosely steers the ship of state. The people behind the scenes have MUCH more to do with actual policies that run the country than the President.
This has never been true more than with Mitt Romney. He’s more of a ventriloquist’s dummy than most other presidential candidates in recent history, including George W. Bush. Speaking of which, Dubya wouldn’t have been able to order lunch without Karl Rove moving his mouth and head. Romney is the same way.
You can verify this by the way that Romney appears to have so many varying, and often conflicting, views in a short period of time. He will say and do ANYTHING to get elected. Then the handlers take over and run the country. Do you doubt this? Here is a typical summary of Grover Norquist’s quotes on the subject:
Even Mitt Romney doesn’t know what he actually stands for any more. He does, and WILL DO, whatever he’s told to do by the people behind him (who we will rarely know about). Whether it is ALEC ( ), or the Koch brothers ( ), or Dick Cheney (one of his close policy advisors), or John Bolton (another close former Bush advisor) Romney will be doing their bidding without any critical thought or question.
So, if you liked the Bush administration (and resulting economy crash and international disgraces), you are going to LOVE the new Romney administration. Because they are mostly the same people. Over half of Romney’s staff of current advisors are former Bush officials.
So, enough preamble. Here’s what a Romney vote will bring during the four years of his administration’s governance:
#1. Gutting the Social Security program. Republicans have been DYING to get their hands on this pile of money since it was enacted back in the late 1930s. They want to get their greedy little degenerate gambler hands on it so that they can invest (gamble) it away and get their cut (fees) of the transactions. How’d that work out with Wall Street and our housing market? Bush tried to grab this but failed. A newer, smarter, Romney administration grab won’t fail again.
#2. Gutting Medicare. For the same reason as #1. Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan, has already been the champion of killing Medicare in the House. Who thinks that they will be able to get health insurance at an age of over 65 with your average list of ailments??? With or without some token $6000 voucher?? Fat chance.
#3. War with Iran. The Neocons in the Bush administration already had drawn up war plans with Iraq years before 9/11. Do you think that having those SAME people in the Romney administration is going to be ANY different??? People like Dick Cheney have been peeing their pants for a war with Iran for years. How did that turn out in Iraq???
Romney wants to add 2 trillion dollars to the Pentagon budget. This is more than even the Pentagon is asking for! It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what having all of that war material sitting around will be used for. Do you love perpetual war? Then vote for Mitt. He will do his best to make even more war profiteer billionaires.
#4. Killing any form of abortion or reasonable birth control for women. Do you remember the slogan of EVERY Republican politician who ran for office in 2010? It was JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! What did they do immediately upon getting elected? Try and kill any abortion programs and kill unions. The first for fundamentalist Christian reasons and the second for the reason that union workers tend to vote Democratic.
Again- say ANYTHING to get elected and then do whatever your insane Right Wing base wants, in spite of ANYTHING you promised before getting into office.
#5. Keep the treadmill of money going from the middle class to the 1%. Romney IS the one percent. In fact, by his past income he is the .1%. His administration will continue looting the working class of their possessions and jobs.  That’s how he earned over a quarter of a billion dollars; looting American companies and then hiding his money in Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts. Why do you think he CAN’T release his past tax forms?? Because he knows the average American would be horrified at his tax dodging.
#6. A Fascist Supreme Court. The next president will appoint between 1-3 Supreme Court justices during his term. Romney will appoint more Right Wing ideologues like Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito. If you loved rulings that will kill any remaining form of American democracy, like Citizens United, then vote for Romney.
So…if you got this far into this many words then congratulations! You are probably not the average Fox News viewer, Rush listener, or get your primary information from stupid lying viral e-mail messages.
You are the type of person I am hoping to rationally appeal to NOT vote for Mitt Romney.
And if you do vote for Romney…then you can’t say I didn’t warn you about these coming disasters. You’ve been warned.
Thanks for your time.



  1. Very well said. Of course, i can’t vote but i can read and listen and form an opinion.

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