Posted by: slartibartifast | July 23, 2009

Birther stupidity

After seeing the video all week of the Delaware “Birther” morons taking over the Town Hall Meeting held there and reading about similar nonsense being promoted on FOX (Faux) News and even CNN, I’m going to choose to believe that this whole thing is tongue-in-cheek. Because the alternative is that any Ass Clown ignorant enough to believe that President Obama is NOT a natural born citizen from Hawaii is not acceptable to any adult who isn’t mentally ill.

To further extrapolate (as I read in an online newsgroup) that Obama “planned all of this to make the Repubs look foolish” is really gilding a dog turd. Really…they don’t need any help looking abnormally stupid at this point. John Ensign, Sarah Palin, Mark Sanford, and Michael Steele are proudly riding around the ring flying those colors.

I know that anybody who actually believes this “Birther” stupidity is not able to be persuaded by something as irrelevant as facts, but just in case this might make it through the multiple layers of delusion there’s this:

Looky looky! There’s even pichures of it for you!!!


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